So you think your restaurant has a problem on Yelp?

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So you think your restaurant has a problem in Yelp? wait till you read the reviews for Guy’s American Kitchen and bar in NYC.  The restaurant was launched by GUY FIERI, who is famous for his TV show on Food Network. He co0wons 5 restaurants in California.

Recently NY Times did a review about this restaurant, rating it poor.  Read the article and you will be horrified to ever go and eat there.

Here are some examples of the reviews they got on Yelp:

” I ordered the buffalo fries and they were NASTY!! My friends and I thought the fries came out cold and hard. Apparently, they double fry their fries (so basically no potato is left…NASTY) and it was cold too.”

“Even though this place is opened by Guy Fieri, it  does not live to the hype. This place feels like another one of those time square tourist traps. I came in here for drinks and such. Ordered a few cocktail and some drinks. Jack and coke tasted like coke with no hint of Jack taste. There is some other mixed drink with cucumber and a whole lot of stuff. It tasted awful and awfully sweet. Ordered nachos to go with the drinks and it was bad; The chips were stale, the cheese feels like it was plastic. There weren’t that much other stuff on it. Essentially it was just a plate of stale chips. The decor was OK…”

This is what happen when restaurant owners open several restaurants and cannot manage them properly.  If you have bad reviews in Yelp and need help improving them, contact us.



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