Remove Yelp Reviews

Do you have negative reviews in Yelp?

Many people wonder if it is possible to have a negative Yelp reviews removed.  The simple answer is that it is very tough, but there are ways. We use various methods to achieve this task.

Through Yelp Mediation, a conciliatory party can contact an unsatisfied customer on your behalf and attempt to make amends. The ultimate goal, of course, is get such customers to revise or remove their unfavorable reviews. Yelp Mediation, acting as a go-between, will reassure displeased customers that their Yelp criticisms have been appropriately addressed, or explain how they were incited by misunderstandings or extraordinary circumstances. In many cases this will result in a positive outcome. The customer may even appreciate that you reached out to resolve the problem and in turn become an advocate of your brand.

A different scenario is one where a Yelp review violates Yelp’s own content guidelines. Our staff are aware of all Yelp content guidelines and will thoughtfully review you reviews to find areas were the rules of content guidelines were broken by the reviewer. We will then inform Yelp about this. Sometimes this may require use of an attorney, as Yelp may not respond to our email and phone calls. The end result may be that the offending review is removed.

As a last resort, we would refer you to an expert Reputation Attorney that we work with, who would discuss with you various options that would result in the reviews being removed, which may be as simple of sending a legal letter to Yelp.

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