Increase Yelp Reviews

Sometimes it may not be possible to remove your negative Yelp reviews, but it is definitely possible to increase your positive Yelp reviews.  We will help you design a strategy to increase your positive Yelp reviews from your real customers.

The problem with Yelp is that many times most of those that are not happy with your service would leave reviews and most of those that are happy would never leave a review. This creates a huge problem. It makes it seem like that majority of your customers may not be happy with your service, while this is really not the case. You need to do something about it. You also need a proactive plan, because even if you do not have many negative reviews now, it could be a problem in the future.

Users of Yelp, often make decisions on your overall star rating and may not care about a few negative reviews as that is normal. Many would not consider eating a restaurant or using a service, if it is not at least a 4 star.  Don’t let this happen to you.

We have have been very successful in implementing strategies to improve Yelp positive reviews for doctors, dentists, restaurants, veterinarians, spas, gyms, and many different types of retail stores and service type businesses.

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