Service Details

We help you remove your negative reviews from Yelp and design a strategy to increase your positive reviews.  Yelp Mediation is a service for businesses dealing with negative Yelp reviews.

As a business owner, you’ve probably known the impact of Yelp reviews, which can be incredibly constructive and boosterish, or detrimental to the point of nearly sinking you. One particularly bad spate, and then it’s rough-water sailing for a good while. But you don’t have to just hang on for dear life, or strike your best sitting duck pose, as you wait for the waters to turn amicable. Proactive solutions are within reach.

How can Yelp Mediation help you turn back the tide of negativity? By assessing your business’ predicament, and by recommending the best strategies to resolve the issues underlying the negative reviews. There is no blanket way to solve all the problems emerging from negative Yelp reviews, so each issue must be looked at individually. Having knowledgeable guidance, like that provided by Yelp Mediation, can be a game-changer.

We offer two main services:

Negative Yelp Review Removal
Increasing Yelp Positive Reviews

To find out how we could help your particular business, please contact us.